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Las Vegas Pet Sitting
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This is my Little Penny. She is my total Love. I adopted her from Petco.

   Thank you for coming to my web site.  My name is Liz Lewis and I am the Proud Owner and Operator of  Las Vegas Pet Sitting.  My whole entire life I have cared for animals of all types and sizes.  I love all of Gods creatures, large and small. 

    I want you to have Total Peace of Mind, when leaving your babies in my care.  I know it hurts to leave them.  I know too, you worry about them the whole time you are away.
    This I promise you,  I will give your babies the best care that  I can give.  With Lots of Love and Spoiling.
    The best thing that you can do for them, is to keep them in their safe home environment,  with as little change as possible, from their normal routine. That's  where I come into play.  I come in and tend to their  every need.  I let them out to do their business, I take them for walks to give them their  exercise. I give them fresh food and water.  I clean whatever needs cleaned.  Not to mention their play and loving time. What more could they ask for?  For you to hurry home of course. Also they will not be traumatized by travel, strange smells and places, hard cages or exposed to illness from other animals. 
     If they could talk they would say the paws have it.,  Las Vegas Pet Sitting.
     My combination of experience and training gives you a very qualified professional pet sitter.  Which gives you,  Total Peace of Mind,  for the welfare of your pet or pets.  I Give Them Loving Care When Your Not There.

I want Las Vegas Pet Sitting,
or no one. "


Phone: 702.202.7985

Email: LizLewis @ LasVegasPetsitting.Com  

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I am Here Whenever
You Need Me.

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Las Vegas Pet Sitting, dog walking and house sitting! Pet sitting services include fresh water, daily cleanup of dog waste & litter boxes, administering medications, brushing, play and together time. Las Vegas Pet Sitting is experienced with many pets like tropical birds, fish, dogs, cats, snakes, and many more! I do overnights in your home if desired, watering plants, keeping the garbage and recycles on schedule, bringing in the mail & newspaper, rotating lights & blinds, a complete check of your home for security leaks inside and out!

"Break Time"

Our visits include
the following:

Provide Fresh Food and Water
Dog Walks
Play time with lots of TLC
Clean litter-boxes and cages
Turn on/off TV or Radio
Water plants
Take out trash
Bring in mail and news paper
Rotate lights and window blinds

" We can customize our services to fit your needs".  

"You file your way, and
I'll file mine.

Our Services:

Basic Pet Sitting
Daily Dog Walks
Every Other Day Visits Cats Only

Over Nighters
Poop Scooper

pet sitting for cats

This is my Heaven,
she was born in my bathroom.

My pet cutie Pie

This is also my baby.
Cutie Pie

Pet Sitting Las Vegas